Diana Chaudron is a writer and designer of games and short fiction, currently working as a full-time freelancer.

They produce over half a million words of content a year, divided between branching free-to-play titles like Lovestruck and independent games like Love On The Peacock Express (itch.io's most tipped jam game in 2017, MQGF’s Bronze Award), with a focus on diverse characters and content.


Diana has experience writing for premium and free-to-play content for both mobile and PC games, including scripts, narrative design, and character profiles.

They also do private writing commissions for patrons seeking to bring original worlds to life, and ghostwritten for an author who's sold over two million books worldwide.


After graduating mortuary school with honors in Arizona, Diana served for a year with Americorps as part of a disaster relief team. The following year, they attended Indiana University Bloomington, graduating with a double major in Telecommunications (Design & Production) and EALC (Mandarin Chinese). They were honored as a Uehara Scholar for excellence in East Asian studies.